Two Examples Of How A Manual Handling Activity Might Be Avoided


Part (A) : Give Two Examples Of How A Manual Handling Activity Might Be Avoided.

Part (B) : Good Lifting Technique That Could Be Adopted By A Worker When Lifting A Load

Part (A),

Ways of avoiding manual handling could include considerations of using:

  • Lifting equipment such as hoists, cranes or pulley blocks;
  • Transportation equipment such as conveyors, air pallets or chutes and
  • Mechanical means such as fork lift trucks, trolleys or barrows.

Part (B)

A good lifting technique that could be adopted by a worker when lifting a load being:

  • Assessing the weight and size of the load
  • The distance it is to be carried
  • Adopting the technique of placing the feet close to the load and slightly apart to ensure a good balance
  • Bending at the knees, keeping the back in natural alignment, the head up and the chin in;
  • Securing a firm grip on the load
  • Keeping it close to the body while lifting it smoothly using the leg muscles
  • Refraining from twisting the trunk when turning to the side.

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