Outline Possible Consequences Of Not Achieving Good Standards Of Health And Safety.


Recognition of the financial and legal implications of poor health and safety performance should be outlined, and include the following considerations:

  • Costs of accidents and ill-health in terms of lost production
  • Loss of key personnel due to accidents and or ill health or even leaving the company for safer environments (next point)
  • Replacement staff costs to cater for those off work due to ill health or injury or those leaving the business to go elsewhere for fear of their health and safety.
  • Investigation costs relating to accidents and incidents are a lot higher than management and others realise
  • Higher insurance premiums will result if the claims history or risk rating of the company is adverse
  • Equipment/plant damage and replacement costs.
  • Legal defence costs that need to be paid in order for a defence to be made by the organization
  • Fines for breaches of health and safety compliance
  • Possible imprisonment of persons at various levels for not adhering to the required level of legislative compliance i.e. duty of care.
  • Product quality could be affected, as persons who feel that they are not being suitably protected will not have the same degree of care as those that feel their health and safety is being considered
  • Resource allocation – if adequate resources are not allocated to health and safety then there is every likelihood deficiencies will arise which may include non-compliance with recognised legislative and best practice standards
  • Public and employee relations.

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