Factors To Consider When Assessing The Risks To A Long Distance Delivery Driver


Outline the factors to consider when assessing the risks to a long distance delivery driver.

The factors to be considered in assessing the risk to a long distance lorry driver would include the following:


  • Duration of the journey,
  • Complexity of the routes,
  • Traffic
  • Means of communication to convey any message,
  • Security issues like potential and violence.

Individual factors:

  • Physical and psychological capabilities of the driver to cope with the demands of the job, and
  • The level of training provided.

The vehicle:

  • Soundness and proper maintenance schedule of the vehicle to be considered Load:
  • Nature and weight of the load like hazardous / bully/wet or dry shall be considered.
  • Further, there has to be provided for emergency procedures and means of handling materials.

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