Factors That Could Prevent Accidents From Being Reported At Work


Outline EIGHT factors that could prevent accidents from being reported at work by employees.

  • Persons being ignorance of reporting procedures
  • Peer pressure placed on persons not to report
  • The fear of possible retribution by management
  • The preservation of the company‟s or departments safety record (particularly where incentive schemes
  • are in place)
  • Avoidance of first-aid or medical treatment for fear of an individual being considered a risk
  • A worker wanting to keep on the right side of a supervisor or manager
  • Over-complicated reporting procedures
  • Lack of management response to earlier reported accidents
  • Persons not being encouraged to report injuries
  • Blame culture
  • Prone to disciplinary action
  • Feeling of guild
  • Loss of incentives
  • Jeopardises advancement / promotion
  • To many formalities
  • Embarrassment
  • May be used as a poor example to others (pride)

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