Factors To Be Considered While Developing A Health And Safety Training Programme For An Organization

  • The objectives of the training – what do you hope to achieve by giving the training and what the participants will obtain from it
  • The trainer – whether in-house or external – will have a major impact on the effective presentation of the training and thus the information retention of the participants
  • The venue in which the training is held can have a significant effect on the training in general if it is in poor condition or poorly resourced, the training will be less successful than if it is at least in a good condition and comfortable
  • The number of people involved in the training will affect the quality of the training – in some cases larger numbers allow for greater group interaction, which can help, whilst in other cases smaller numbers allow for more teacher – participant interaction which can also help.
  • The means of delivering the teaching will significantly affect most of the other factors here, although it does not necessarily have to be the deciding factor
  • The company culture and the support from the management team is also a significant factor in the planning of training delivery.

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