Control Measures Needed To Improve Safety During Excavation Work On A Construction Site


Outline control measures needed to improve safety during excavation work on a construction site. The control measures needed to improve safety during excavation work include:

  • The provision of support for the sides such as shoring or benching where there is a risk of collapse;
  • The detection of underground services such as gas or electricity by the use of plans or the use of cable/pipe detectors;
  • Storing materials, equipment and spoil away from the edge of the excavation;
  • Providing means of preventing vehicles falling into the excavation such as stop blocks;
  • Using edge protection such as barriers or guard rails to prevent persons from falling into the excavation;
  • Protection against flooding by the provision of pumps;
  • Supporting adjacent buildings against collapse;
  • Providing safe means of access and egress to the excavation;
  • Testing deep excavations for fumes;
  • Providing means of ventilation where necessary;
  • Carrying out regular inspections of the excavation by a competent person;
  • Providing adequate lighting;
  • Ensuring the use of personal protective equipment such as hard hats and boots
  • Introducing procedures to deal with possible biological hazards

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