Consultation with the Workers On Health and Safety Issues & How Arrangements For Consultation May Be More Effective


Explain why it is important for an organisation to consult with its workers on health and safety issues.

Explain how arrangements for consultation with workers may be made more effective.

Part (a)

  • It is important for an organisation to consult with its workers on health and safety issues since in the first instance it may be a legal requirement or if not that, a requirement of the organisation’s health and safety policy.
  • Consultation will help to raise the profile of health and safety, improve the perception of its value and importance
  • It will assist in improving the health and safety culture of the organisation.
  • It is useful in developing ownership amongst the workers of health and safety measures, obtaining their commitment, inviting their ideas for improvement
  • Consultation allowing them to contribute to health and safety decision making and to help in agreeing priorities for attention. Their views would also be useful in ensuring that suggested improvements would be workable in practice.

Part (b)

Arrangements for consultation with workers might be made more effective by:

  • The establishment of safety committees;
  • Consultation with elected representatives of employee safety;
  • Planned direct consultation at departmental meetings, team meetings, tool box talks and staff appraisals;
  • Consultation as part of an accident or incident investigation or as part of a risk assessment;
  • Day to day informal consultation by supervisors with their team;
  • Questionnaires and suggestion schemes. If formal meetings are to be held, it is important to ensure that there is a correct balance between management and worker representation;
  • An agenda is set and the meeting well managed by the chair;
  • That the business of the meeting is not side tracked by discussion of non-health and safety issues;
  • That minutes of and report back from the meeting are made available to the workforce as a whole and that actions agreed receive attention without undue delay.

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