Activities on A Construction Site That May Expose to Workers To Cement & The Harmful Effects Of Contacting The Cement


(a) Identify activities on a construction site that may expose workers to cement or material containing cement.

(b) Identify the harmful effects to workers which could result from contact with cement.

Workers on a construction site may be exposed to cement or material containing cement whilst carrying out the following operations:

  • Opening dry cement bags or disposing of the old bags;
  • Shovelling dry and mixing wet cement;
  • Pouring wet cement into voids or foundations;
  • Levelling wet cement; and
  • Laying bricks, blocks or paving.

Part (b),

Identifying harmful effects such as

  • Irritation or inflammation of the eyes,
  • Dermatitis whether contact or sensitizing,
  • Irritation to the nose and throat,
  • Respiratory irritation and chest complaints,
  • Cement burns or ulcers from contact with wet cement,
  • Silicosis if exposed to silica in cement or cement products and
  • The possibility of musculoskeletal injuries as a result of lifting and carrying bags of cement.

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